Visiting Isfahan projects

Mr. Khami, CEO of Semega Holding and Mr. Rahimpour, CEO of Rexan International Hotels Group, together with Mr. Sarami, CEO of Prestigeland Holding of Isfahan, Mr. Shahbazi and Mr. Abdollahi, visited the commercial, cultural and tourism complexes of City Center, Prestigeland Rexan Hotel, Fadak Mall, Isfahan and Health Town.

As the second property of Iran with more than 460,000 square meters and 750 commercial, shopping, cultural and entertainment units, City Center is the largest leisure management center for citizens and tourists.

The five-star Prestigland Rexan Hotel with more than 56,200 square meters and 290 rooms and suites is one of the largest hotels in Isfahan, which is scheduled to be operational by the end of this year, the international brand Rexan. This hotel is equipped with the latest German smart system and a combination of traditional and modern architecture and is one of the green hotels of the future.

Fadak Mall with more than 137,000 square meters, which is located and built in one of the most deprived urban areas of Isfahan, alone can create more than 3,000 job opportunities for the youth of this city.

The first phase of this complex was put into operation in September 1400 and its next phases are about to be completed.

Isfahan's large and unique health town was one of the other projects visited, which offers a complete package using the latest scientific, technical and technological achievements in the field of providing diagnosis, treatment and hotel services to the audience and medical and tourist tourists.

God bless all the founders and those involved in these great national and international projects, especially Dr. Jahangiri, CEO of the Financial Group, Dr. Heidaripour, former CEO of Semega, Mr. Khami, former CEO of the Tourism Bank, and all those involved in these projects.

Especially the dear Mr. Masoud Sarami, CEO and great entrepreneur of this unique collection.


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