Turning Rexan into the largest hotel complex in the country

The CEO of Roxan International Hotels Group announced;

Turning "Rexan" into the largest hotel complex in the country / opening three hotels in 1401

The CEO of Rexan International Hotels Group announced: Rexan Hotels Group has become the largest hotel complex in the country with a total of 3,400 rooms.

According to the public relations report of the tourism finance group, Ali Rahimpour said: "Kowsar Hotel Najaf Ashraf, Qasr Al-ziafat Hotel Mashhad, and Vakil Kerman Caravanserai Hotel-Karvanica Boutique Hotel have been put into operation in the first five months of this year."

He added: Rexan International Hotels Group is under the supervision of Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group, "Semega" and is affiliated with Tourism Financial Group, which operates in the field of accommodation, catering, transportation and tour management.

The board member of Rexan International Hotels Group continued: In addition to managing the operation of domestic and foreign hotels, this company is active in developing technical standards, consulting, monitoring, equipping and training human capital at the national and international level.

Rahimpour said: five-star Rexan Hotel and four-star Remis Hotel at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, five-star Rexan Hotel in Karbala, five-star Rexan Hotel in Najaf, Karvanica Boutique Hotel in Kerman, five-star Rexan Palace Hotel in Mashhad, five-star Rexan Hotel in Sirjan. And the five-star Prestigeland Rexan Hotel in Isfahan is one of the accommodation and catering centers that is managed under the ownership and management of the Rexan brand and international standards. It should be noted that the Rexan Karbala Hotel with 1000 rooms is one of the largest hotel projects in Iraq, which It can provide services to more than 3000 pilgrims at the same time. In the first phase of operation, this hotel will have more than 400 rooms until the end of this year.