رکورد تاریخی ترکیه در بخش گردشگری: درآمد ۴۶میلیارد دلاری 🔹درآمدهای ترکیه از بخش گردشگری طی سال ۲۰۲۲ به بیش از ۴۶میلیارد دلار رسید. 🔹بدین ترتیب درآمدهای ترکیه در این عرصه رکوردی تاریخی را زد. 🔹درآمد ترکیه در سال گذشته در بخش گردشگری در مقایسه با سال ۲۰۲۱ شاهد افزایش ۵۳.۴ درصدی بوده است

Rexan International Hotels Group, as the first hotel operator in Iran, operates in two main areas of consulting: supply and equipment of accommodation and hospitality centers and operation of accommodation centers.

Topside of activities of Rexan International Hotels Company

 In order to develop the tourism industry and improve the quality of technical and functional services in the country's hotels, complete the value chain and synergy as well as the development of marketing and sales of products and services related to this industry, Rexan International Hotels Group is a subsidiary of Semega Group Holding Tourism finance with three globally registered brands Rexan، Remis and Karvanica And having a group of specialized and professional partners in the following sections provides services to the network of hotel partners and investors in these areas:

  • Feasibility study and development of technical, financial and economic justification plans for tourism
  • Design, architecture, structure, electrical and mechanical
  • Consulting, implementation and construction
  • Consulting and equipping
  • Identification, supply and training of human resources
  • Consulting and operation with the desired brands
  • Information, marketing and advertising
  • Supervision from construction to operation
  • Consulting in the operation and installation of financial systems and hotel sales and reservations
  • Providing channelead software network sales services
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Rexan News

لازمه توسعه صنعت گردشگری

مهم‌ترین دستاورد توافق اخیر ایران با عربستان سعودی رونق و توسعه تبادلات گردشگری بین دو کشور و تسهیل سفر اتباع سایر کشورهای عرب حوزه خلیج فارس برای سفر به ایران است.

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بازسازی کاروانسرای وکیل کرمان

Special information and familiarization tour for domestic tour operators with the presence of the air travel and tourism service company active in sending pilgrims and tourists to holy Mashhad from Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Golestan to visit the accommodation and hospitality facilities of Qasralziafat Rexan Hotel

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